Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 10/14/09: Curry, Honor, Press

1. I just buy this vacuum packed yellow curried chicken tenders thing from Trader Joe's, boil up some basmati rice, fry the chicken on medium heat, sautee some red peppers and mushrooms and in about twenty minutes The Deke and Pat and I have a meal even Rachel Ray would die for.

2. Home and honor: it's polluted and violated in the opening of Homer's Odyssey and I think I noticed in the animated eyes of some of my students that they realize these are not human matters stuck in the year 700 BC, but these are persistent human concerns. I love it when my students begin to experience a basic truth in life: there's no such thing as "back then".

3. Is he cold? Is he feeling more insecure than usual? What's the deal? Snug pressed himself against me more closely than ever the last couple of nights.....

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