Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/01/10: Back to Work, Lunch with Michael, Reading kellogg bloggin'

1. After a week away, I was back to work today. I armed myself with two wads of toilet paper a large paper cup of Cold Seasons tea and tried to teach from a seated position but couldn't stay down long. "My Last Duchess" will do that do me. I thought my students were admirably accepting of the disruption my absence caused and genuinely hoped I was getting better. I really appreciated the students who stayed after class to shoot the breeze. I'd say on the old 1-10 scale, I was at about 7 today.

2. I was going to take the elevator upstairs and as the doors opened on the cafeteria level, I spotted Michael looking for a table. He was alone. I bagged my elevator travels and imposed myself upon Michael's solitude, which he didn't seem to mind, and we had a great conversation. It did more for helping me heal than any herbal extract, medicinal herbal tea, or megadose of Vitamin C.

3. Jane E. did it. I'm pretty sure Bill D. did. They read the entirety of kellogg bloggin' once they knew it was there. Others, my sisters and Bridgit H. and Jane K. , for example have read nearly the whole thing by following it regularly. Now Susan-Louise has gone back to the beginning of kellogg bloggin' and started to read. Whether she reads the whole blog is not as important to me as is her interest and the fact that she finds my thoughts, stories, recollections, and poems worthy of her time. I really like that.

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inlandempiregirl said...

Not nearly the whole thing... I have read every post! I am glad you made it back to work and are on the mend.