Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/14/10: CoffeeMate Bonanza, Poems and Essays, Fry Bowl

1. Thanks to the Deke going to Costco today, I don't have to carry the small jar of Albertson's non-dairy creamer I bought yesterday with me in the car. No. I now have 300 packets of CoffeeMate and I can cram about twenty or so in a zip lock sandwich bag and carry them with me in the car and put another bag in my jacket pocket so that when I get a cup of coffee, say, at Dari Mart or at the Lane Community College cafeteria, where no non-dairy creamer is available, I can have some.

2. I devoted my entire day to reading the essays and poems of my ENG 106 students. I'm not 100% caught up yet, but I'm getting close and am in fairly good shape for the onslaught of late papers and final exams I'll face starting tomorrow.

3. Sometimes I just start frying tonight I started with about a quarter pound of hamburger and then I fried some potatoes and then I thought, well, hell, I'll put grated Trader Joe's sharp cheddar cheese on top of the fully peppered fried hamburger and fried potatoes, and I put that in the microwave to melt the cheese and I fried two eggs and took the bowl of fried meat and fried potatoes and melted cheese out of the microwave, threw the freshly fried eggs on top, busted the yokes, and so I created a great fried hamburger, fried potato, sharp cheddar cheese, fried egg bowl. I washed it down with Western Family Original low pulp orange juice.

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