Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/24/10: Snug Walk, Yard Change, Lunch Counter Daydreams

1. Snug is protective, a bit unpredictable, and nervous. A great majority of the time, he's calm, especially with me around the house. For me, it's always a little dicey taking Snug for a walk because other dogs bother him and I don't always know how he'll respond if we pass other people on the sidewalk. Today I walked him and the neighborhood was busting with dogs, kids on spring break, kids and adults on bicycles, music from boom boxes at the park. I jaywalked about ninety times to keep from passing dogs and other people. Snug did fine. No growls. He got barked at by two dogs from behind a fence and Snug didn't respond. I'll get him out more. I just never know.

2. Joe came over and talked with me and the Deke about landscape design and plantings and other ideas for our front and back yard and things are moving in the right direction and by the middle of spring or so, our yards ought to be transformed.

3. I ate kind of a lunch counter dinner tonight, although the lunch counters at The Crescent or J. J. Newberry's or Woolworth's never served bread as good as the Farmhouse's Multi-grain bread from just down the road at Cottage Grove. But I sat at the kitchen counter and ate a salami and ham and swiss cheese and mustard sandwich, a pile of Lay's potato chips, a fat Nalley's crunchy dill pickle sliced into four spears, and an icy glass of Coca-Cola and daydreamed that I was at a department store lunch counter. That's just how my head works sometimes.

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