Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/22/10: Manning Up at Trader Joe's, Letter, Tea and Toast and Eggs

1. I decided to follow Jim Etherton's marching orders. I decided to man up. I shopped at Trader Joe's without a hoodie today. I calmly strode from aisle to aisle, picked up meat, cheese, coffee, eggs, chips, and green salsa. I survived. Jim believed in me. I came through.

2. I got so preoccupied with reading and grading papers and figuring out final grades that I forgot Coleen needed a letter of recommendation. Thank goodness when I suddenly remembered, I still had a couple of hours to write and submit it. Done.

3. This morning I suddenly craved soft-boiled eggs over Great Harvest Whole Wheat toast and a cup of Tetley British Blend tea with milk. I fixed it. I loved it. What will be next? A craving for Marmite?

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