Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 02/28/10: Old Testament Friendly, Old Students Talking Divorce, Long and Wonderful Chat

1. I was the lector at the 9:30 service at St. Mary's Episcopal Church this morning and it was good to be back in the fold of the church. I kind of avoided people, though, because of my illness and I was not able to do my best work as the reader of the Old Testament lesson, a huge disappoinment, though Randy was good enough to tell me my voice, despite the frog, was OT-friendly.

2. They were my students at Whitworth nearly thirty years ago and now we get together in the virtual basement of Westminster Hall and talk things over. Today, the subject of divorce arose. It's a raw topic. At Westminster Hall, the discussion has been insightful, compassionate, supportive, and painful.

3. Susan-Louise and I chatted on Facebook last night for about three hours as a way of getting reacquainted. She was last a student of mine in Jan. of '83. We might have had some conversation around campus after that, but it's been nearly thirty years and our long chat last night made me very happy. This reunion with Whitworth students is working really well for me!

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