Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/10/10: Poetry and Sex, Hamburger and Eggs, Cinnamon Twist and Coffee -- at Dari-Mart

1. I enjoy being moved, whether intellectually, emotionally, or sensually, by poetry about sex and before my ENG 106 class I watched and listened to the segment on love and sex in the great series "The United States of Poetry". I liked it a lot. I decided, however, to show other segments to my class. I enjoy poetry about sex so much that I think I refer to it, come back to it, and make too much of it in class. Sex is such a delicate classroom subject and a teacher showing interest in the sexual content of poems can become misconstrued, so I decided I'd put enough love and sex poems before my students this quarter.

2. Sometimes, in the evening, it's time to open up the diner so I fried some potatoes in bacon grease, fried a heavily peppered and garlic powdered half-pound hamburger patty (80/20..fairly fat), and fried a couple of eggs over medium. I broke the eggs, let the gold yoke run, grabbed a bottle of ketchup, and dug in.

3. Okay, Jeff. You recommended Dari-Mart for coffee and donuts. I tried it today. Perfect. I'm happy. Those Dari-Mart cinnamon twists are great and I loved the coffee.

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