Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/21/10: The End is Near, Ordinary Hair, Chincy Magic

1. I think I'll still receive about four more papers tomorrow, delivered by plump, sugar-winged angels of the internet, but this morning I finished reading and grading every paper in my possession. I commented on them all. I returned them all with the help of the plump, sugar-winged angels.

2. I like Perfect Look. I bring my ordinary head of hair, get an ordinary hair cut, pay an ordinary price, and get on with my ordinary day -- perfect.

3. The Valley River Center parking lot hosted a chincy carnival with chincy rides, a chincy snack trailer, chincy games, the works. I thought of that chincy little bunch of rides on North Division near Bridgeport in Spokane with a chincy little roller coaster and a tilt-a-whirl and a merry-go-round and maybe some sad horses (help me sisters!) and how excited I used to get to go down there and how when chincy outfits came to Kellogg and set up their chincy operations on Teeters Field or at the Old Airport or when the broken down carnival came to rip everyone off at Frontier Days, I'd get excited, but how the excitement wore off as I got to be a teenager and how when I looked at that chincy operation yesterday, I felt let down, unexcited, sad. I saw some excited kids there, though. They didn't care that it was chincy. I miss that.

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