Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/09/10: On Needing Richard Hugo, Simple and Peerless Lunch, Ansonia

1. I decided it was time for my WR 122 students to hear something I've written and to hear, in my writing, the things I've been trying to teach them about copia, sentence variety, repetition, use of dynamic verbs, and attention to specific details. I read my essay "On Needing Richard Hugo" and my evening class, populated by older students, seemed appreciative, some thanked me for reading it. It's a fairly intense piece of writing and I would imagine, at some level, doesn't make much sense to the person who has never known a poet as a kind of father.

2. It's been a while since I cooked up one of my most reliably satisfying small meals: grilled bacon and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich on Farmhouse sunflower seed bread and a bowl of Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato soup. Yes, I grouse about all the beautiful people and all the crazy privileged North Eugenites who shop at Trader Joe's. It's fun to make a drama out of it. I'll tell ya, though, their tomato soup makes it worth it for me. It's tasty. It's creamy.

3. The Ansonia. It's where Whitworth student who spent their Jan term in San Francisco stayed and I've heard so many great stories over the years about the fun so many of my students in the early 80s had at the Ansonia and now thanks to Susan-Louise and Bill Davie and I'm counting on Colette, the stories are resurfacing and my memories of my students' memories are feeling really good.

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