Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/10: Brails to Kick Off the Day, Allann Bros. Discussion, Susan D.

1. Breakfast at Brails and Dana's attentive and friendly service really hit the spot. This morning I loved the corned beef hash, hash browns, fried eggs, and English muffin with Smucker's strawberry preserves. The Boyd's non-premium coffee and ice water worked, too. (Man, would premium coffee ever wreck this place.....)

2. Michael, Jeff, and I had a great time together at Allann Bros. talking about everything we could pack into 90 minutes.

3. I hadn't heard from Susan D. for quite a while. Her email was sobering. It informed me of the death of a mutual friend from many years ago. In addition, her email opened the way for us to become connected on Facebook and now I know about Susan's work and that she has children and other stuff. I am enjoying getting reacquainted.

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Susan Denning said...

it is good to get reaquainted and it keeps me focused on the here and now which is important for me to do in light of this week's revelations. You seem to be in a very good place, or you are very good at presenting a persona, RAYMOND PERT, who seems to be in a very good place. so here's to now.