Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 03/18-19/10: Corned Beef and Baby Swiss, Coffee from Kettle Falls and Ethiopia, Home

1. The Deke brought home a wad of sliced corned beef and a loaf of Great Harvest Whole Wheat bread and a clump of cole slaw, but it wasn't I went to Albertson's and purchased some sliced baby swiss cheese and a bag of Lay's original potato chips, came home, assembled a corned beef and swiss with French's yellow mustard sandwich, sliced a fat Nalley's crunchy dill pickle in half, clumped some cole slaw on a plate, and poured myself a pile of Lay's potato chips and it was one excellent supper.

2. I got out the coffee bean grinder and pulverized some of those dark Ethiopian beans InlandEmpireGirl sent me for Christmas and enjoyed one holy and robust cup of coffee. I forsook the CoffeeMate. I went for the 2% milk and for this boy, that was perfect.

3. It's a marathon reading all these papers at the end of the quarter. It's an enjoyable marathon, especially because many of my students have written memorable essays, many of them investigating what they have come to understand "home" to mean for them.

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inlandempiregirl said...

We had our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage,potatoes, and carrots right before St. Pat's Day. Everett started investigating how to cure meat because we have lots of elk meat that is a bit tough. He is trying putting the meat in a brine and making cured ham/corned beef like meat. It takes awhile in the brine, but I am eager to try it.
I am glad you got the experience the quality beans from our local coffee roaster. I should add that to the grocery list for today.