Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 01/30/13: I LIke the Bus, Fond Memories, Boxed Sandwich

1.  I mean, yeah, it takes longer, but for some reason I enjoy taking the bus instead of driving out to Chase Gardens Medical Center and having time to wait for the return ride gave me time to have a power muffin and coffee at the nice cafe at the center and once back in town I did a little wandering around, checking out new businesses that have opened or are about to.  None of that would happen if I drove.  I just like it.

2.  I finished my work editing and deleting pictures from one memory card as I continue my efforts to recover pictures from my external hard drive crash.  Revisiting New York pictures, pictures of Jack, and a July day at the Saturday/Farmers Market was a lot of fun.

3.  It's that half a sandwich I box up that really makes me happy at Billy Mac's as I imagine how good it will be to eat this prime rib dip during my break between classes tomorrow.

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