Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 02/14/13: Adult Ed, Sixteen Tons at its Best, Whirled Pies

1.  My favorite way to teach:  turn the students loose to write wherever they please -- just turn it in before the end of class.  Talk individually with students who want help.  It's what I call an adult classroom.  It's freedom.

2.  Great late afternoon stop at Sixteen Tons.  Drank some Claim 52 Storm Bringer Stout.  It was a little heavy on the hops for my taste, but that didn't stop me havin' a few.  Talked with Paul about church history and Russian literature and teaching the humanities/writing.  Had some good laughs and conversation with Abi.  I like it when she pours the beer.  Had a good hand shake with Ryan.  And, as always, enjoyed shooting the breeze with the Deke.  It was quiet, an easy environment to converse and laugh in:  Sixteen Tons at its best. 

3.  I like those pizzas from Whirled Pies and brought home a large Willameat for me and the Deke.  Oh my!

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