Saturday, February 2, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 02/01/13: Troxstar Breakfast, Ed Koch My Lord is Dead, Photo Flashback

1.  It's sure fun when the Troxstar has his fortnightly furlough day and we get to have breakfast at Brails with the Troxstarlet.  I hadn't had Brails Ground Round of Rebound for a while and enjoyed it and the photo walk to Brails and dropping in on Nate at Perk's on the walk home was fun as well.

2.  I mean he was eighty-eight years old, so learning Ed Koch died wasn't too shocking and reading the ensuing tributes, analyses, quotations, and histories was really fun.  My favorite Koch line of the day?  "I can explain it to you.  I can't understand it for you."  The day made me wish Andy Logan were still alive and writing.  I'd love to read what she's say in a retrospective of Mayor Koch's life and career.

3.  I continue to work on my picture recovery project, and today I came across a picture that remains one of my favorites, ever.  I took it at Saturday Market back on April 9, 2011:

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