Monday, February 4, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 02/03/13: International Center of Photography, Sunday NYTimes, Thrill of Jacoby Jones

1.  I discovered this morning that the International Center of Photography has a tumblr blog and I spent a few hours following leads and links to new, to me, photographers and admiring a slew of pictures I'd never seen before.

2.  I also spent hours reading the Sunday NYTimes.  It rattles me, unsettles me.  It always has, always does.  Every single hour, day, week, month, year that I've been conscious of the world, it's been crazy.  The craziness rattles me.  It unsettles me.

3.  The Super Bowl entertained me and it was fun watching it with Allie, Mike, Russell, and Jack at chez Dane.  Above all, despite pulling for the 49ers, the shock of Jacoby Jones' 108 hard kickoff return to open the second half thrilled me.

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