Monday, September 1, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 08/31/14: Talking to Mom, A Place for My Stuff, Taco Soup

1.  Hiram leaves for a month long national tour as a member of the President's Own U. S. Marine Corps band and for a short while the house was still when Molly and Hiram and the children went out to run errands, so I called Mom and we got caught up on what's happening with me and the Deke and around here and with happening in Kellogg and in Mom's yard and garden

2.  Molly came home and turned into a cyclone, building a new shelf set, taking the children's toys out of the living room to their upstairs room, and, among other things, moving a dresser into the room the Deke sleeps in and I get to put stuff in it.  Man.  It feels so good to have my clothes in a dresser and all my camera stuff in one drawer instead of having it all spread out between different bags.  It looks we'll be staying here for another month, a big help while Hiram's on tour, and a huge help to us as we continue to figure out a place to live in Maryland. 

3.  Molly "The Cyclone" Diaz took her quick and efficient energy to the kitchen and made an awesome taco soup and I got to enjoy what I enjoy the most:  eating some good, simple food and sitting at the table with the entire family. 

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