Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/02/14: Hiram on Tour, I Marvel, David and Olivia Photos

1.  Happily, Molly, Hiram, Olivia, and David arrived at Hiram's point of departure in plenty of time and Hiram is starting his trek across the USA, on chartered bus, with the other members of the President's Own, whose turn it is to go on annual tour.  Some of my friends might be interested to know that the band gives a concert at the Ferris High School auditorium in Spokane on Sept. 27th at 7:30.

2.  Molly went to Pizzeria Paradiso for lunch to celebrate Leah's birthday and while she was gone, David and Olivia got into a crying match, I think over a Lego piece.  Had I been in charge, I probably would have wilted in incompetence,  but not the Deke.  Before long, the two kids were upstairs, done crying, and playing peacefully, as if the meltdown never happened.  I marvel.

3.  I took some pictures of David and Olivia today and I also dove into the archives to make sure pictures I've taken in the past were in my David and Olivia album in my flickr account.  Here are a couple of pictures from today and if you'd like to see some pictures from the past, the flickr album is here.

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