Monday, September 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/28/14: Mom and Hiram, I Like the Euros More, It's Never Simple

1.  The picture Kai took of Mom and Hiram at the President's Own United States Marine Band concert Saturday night at Ferris High School in Spokane started making the rounds (went viral!) on Facebook and it was beautiful to see that Hiram got to meet Mom.  It was really good of Molly and Kai to take Mom and for all of them to have dinner afterward at Twig.  I talked to Mom this morning and she had a wonderful time and loved the concert.

2.  I feel some obligation, because I live in the USA, to pull for the USA in the Ryder Cup.  But I don't enjoy the American players that much and do enjoy most of the European players.  So, when the Europeans defeated the US once again, I didn't feel the sadness I've been conditioned to think I should feel.  I was happy for Rory and the lads on the European side.

3.  It won't be installed for another week, but after a few false starts, a call to the service center, and an act of surrender, we are on the calendar to have Internet service at our new apartment.

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