Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/22/14: Lego Puffin, Starting Over, Unseasoned Stir Fry

1.  David woke up before Molly returned from taking Olivia to school and so once he got settled in with a bowl of cereal, he asked if we could look at puffins again and so I called up puffin images on the laptop and David was most intrigued by the legos puffin.

2.  Soon, we'll be moving into our apartment and starting all over again with stocking the kitchen and furnishing the living room and other rooms.  I wrote lists, figuring out what we'll buy to get the stocking and furnishing underway.  It's fun to think about what my most basic needs are in the kitchen when I look at the kind of cooking I do most.  It's fairly simple.  (Near the top of the list? Electric frying pan!)

3.  I didn't season the zucchini, mushrooms, yellow summer squash, onion, celery, or cabbage when I stir fried them and the only thing I did with the Chinese noodles was fry them in sesame oil after boiling them.  I wanted to see if the flavor of the vegetables would carry the meal, maybe with some help, if the Deke or Molly so chose, with soy sauce.  The vegetables did carry the day.  Turns out this was an excellent combination of flavors and we all enjoyed tonight's dinner.

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