Monday, September 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/21/14: WaPo and Charismatic Worship, Christina Makes Sushi, Panda Express Copycat, BONUS

1.  I closed myself off for a while upstairs and got started reading Sunday's Washington Post and followed other bits of news I'm following via twitter.  On the other side of the woods, behind Molly and Hiram's, the Faith United Methodist Church started an outdoor worship service at 11:00 so that I read about the events of the world, nation, and local area to the accompaniment of amplified Gospel/praise music and a vociferous sermon.  I couldn't hear the words, but I could hear the tone and passion and force of the pastor's delivery.

2.  On Sept. 19, NPR ran a story busting the myth that women can't make sushi, here. (I'd never heard that one.) (Tip o' the hat to Julie Fether for posting this article on twitter.)  As if to prove NPR's my busting correct, our next door neighbor, Christina, made sushi and generously shared a board of it with our household.  Here's a picture Christina took of her artistic, most tasty creation:

And here's Molly's picture:

3.  Well.  We had tofu in the fridge.  We had eggplant.  We had red pepper.  These ingredients along with minced garlic, Frank's hot sauce, a little sugar, fish sauce, and onion combined with Molly's making some perfect Hiram Rice were just what we needed to have a Copycat Panda Express Tofu and Eggplant dinner.  I figured, and this is not much of a boast, that since I wasn't making this dish for 180 people coming through a line in an airport and since it wasn't going to sit in a steamer for Lord knows how long, that my Tofu Eggplant dinner might be better than Panda Express.  And it was!  Ha!  Molly, the Deke, and I really enjoyed this dish.  A lot.

BONUS: I booked a flight to Spokane for November 5th, so my plan to go to the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton on the weekend before Veterans Day and to stay in Kellogg with my mom during some part (if not all) of the winter is going to happen.

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