Sunday, September 14, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/13/14: DuckFacts, I-D-A-H-O, Chicken Ginger Success

1.  Today was one of those days when I had fun passing on fun facts about the Ducks posted on my twitter feed by ESPN stats by posting them on my Facebook page.  It was fun following the Ducks v Wyoming online and reading how they overcame a sluggish start to blow out Wyoming 48-14.  More fun than the game, though, was swapping Facebook comments about the game with friends across our nation and overseas.

2.  More fun, yes, more fun than following the Ducks game, was following the Idaho Vandals playing Western Michigan University in the Kibbie Dome in Moscow.  I've been a Vandal fan since autumn days in grade school in Kellogg when Dad listened to Bob Curtis on the radio, smoke from his Camel no filter cigs dancing in the the October light shafts coming into the living room.  Dad listened on the radio while watching national telecasts on television and sometimes the Vandals were pretty good and got us excited, but often they were just flat awful.  Well, Dad has passed away and now I share the Vandal experience with sister Carol, who holds season tickets with her husband Paul, and I can make wise cracks to her on Facebook and she can respond online on her phone right there in the stadium!  Furthermore, niece Cosette plays in the Vandal marching band, so I can enjoy any video Carol posts and get reports on how awesome the band is -- in contrast to the football team.  It was really fun going back and forth with Carol -- she's learning so much about football -- she knows what a touchdown is now!  Thanks for playing, Carol...I hope we will do it again!

3.  I made ginger chicken stir fried noodles for dinner and I don't mind saying:  the dish was a smash here in Alexandria. 

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