Friday, September 26, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/25/14: Pendleton's On, (Some of) Our Stuff, Allison Arrived

1.  It's good to know that Jake, Ed, Mike S., and I will be doin' our annual thing at the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton:  gaming, eating, watching football, telling tall tales, insulting each other, and, most of all, relaxing.

2.  Yes, that's true.  I would have preferred to hear that the belongings we left in Eugene are on the truck and on their way to Greenbelt, MD.  But, not yet.  Nonetheless, I'm grateful to know what's what and can get going on moving into our apartment this weekend knowing what we've got and don't have and will definitely start buying what we need to start to furnish the joint and begin to stock the kitchen.

3.  Allison arrived from Chicago today and the kitchen buzzed with stories, laughter, knitting, beer, and wine, and I made my contribution by fixing a colorful stir fry with great variety and a pretty decent sauce.

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