Saturday, September 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/19/14: Puffins for Breakfast, Things Are Movin', Ninety Day Refill

1.  Usually David sleeps until Molly returns from either walking or driving Olivia to school.  This morning he woke up so I had put on my big boy grandpa pants and take care of him.  I poured him a bowl of Puffins breakfast cereal and then I brought up a series of pictures of puffins on the World Wide Web and David looked at, and enjoyed, puffins while eating his Puffins.

2.  I called the movers in Eugene on Wednesday and didn't hear back.  I don't think Sandy got the message to call me back.  So I called again this morning and talked with Sandy and everything got set in motion to have the belongings stored in Eugene moved to Greenbelt, MD.  I even managed to survive sending a fax at the Staples self-service fax machine.  I was so relieved to have succeeded my knees were wobbly in the parking lot.

3.  I got three of my prescriptions filled at Target and I was probably a little too excited when I got home and discovered that my atorvastatin calcium tablets cost a bit more than usual because I got a ninety day refill.  I am all for ninety day refills!

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