Friday, September 19, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09-18-14: Foggy Bottom Pictures, Dock Ellis Doc, Photography and Beer

1.  I took the train to Foggy Bottom so I could return to West End Cinema and watch No No: A Dockumentary.  It's the story of former Pirate/Yankee/Ranger/A's/Mets pitcher, Dock Ellis.  More on the movie later.  I arrived in Foggy Bottom well ahead of the movie starting, so I did some strolling in the Washington Circle area and took a few pictures.  Here are some of them:

2.  The movie No No: A Dockumentary was a great experience.  I loved baseball in the late sixties and on through the seventies and so seeing the clips the movie showed of games from that time thrilled me, moved me to long for seeing those teams and players again, especially Roberto Clemente.  I thoroughly enjoyed interviews with Dock Ellis' former teammates:  Al Oliver, Mudcat Grant, Dave Cash, Gene Clines, Steve Blass, Bruce Kison and others.  I went to the movie to have a nostalgic experience.  And I did.  But, I didn't know the rest of Dock Ellis' story and the movie turned out to a much more emotionally moving and satisfying experience than I could have expected and made it much than a sports movie, made it a movie that explored a complicated, not always admirable, man.  I had a great time.

3.  I arrived at Huntington Station about twenty minutes ahead of the bus I ride to get back to Molly and Hiram's and, at the stop, I fell into conversation with a professional photographer, Sinic Staton, who does work for On Tap magazine.  We had a lot to talk about regarding photography and beer and it made waiting for the bus and the ride to my stop very enjoyable.

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