Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/15/14: Maggie on the Sofa, Small Things at Huntley Meadows, Sweet Corn Salad

1.  I see all kinds of pictures of light and shadow with the help of Venetian blinds and Maggie was lying on the sofa this morning, in slats of light from the living room blinds.  I took some pictures of her and here are a couple of examples:

2.  With changes as big as the Deke and I are undergoing, having moved out east and with the Deke's new job, there's a lot of uncertainty about all kinds of stuff:  money, doctors, where we'll live, and so on.  It makes me nervous, eats at me.  So, today, to calm myself down, I took a walk in Huntley Meadows and took a bunch of pictures, mostly of small things, especially leaves.   Here are a couple of examples of what I focused on to try to allay my fears and to find quiet in the midst of my agitation:

3.  Another thing soothed my nervousness today and I think it could be a temporary cure at any time for anything that might ail my mind and spirit:  Molly's corn salad.  Molly found some sugar sweet corn on the cob and those kernels combined with black beans, salsa, farm fresh tomatoes, cumin, red wine vinegar, red onion, and I don't know what else combined to make both a tasty and a soothing dinner. 

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