Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/10/14: Writing About Paintings, Cheers!, Pizza Collaboration

1.  Rather than going out into the world, I wrote a blog post exploring my personal history of looking at paintings.  In part, I want to express how I experience paintings without using the language of art history courses.  Well, I guess I'm not using the language of art history courses.  How would I know?  I've never taken one!  Whether I'm succeeding or not is kind of irrelevant, but I'm trying to write about everything I care about, whether it's Shakespeare, poetry, movies, pictures I take or others take, and other art forms, in my words.  Of course, from time to time, I'll use language I learned in my many years of academic life, and language I've picked up in books, say, about photography.  But I'm trying to shed it antd seeing if I can get to the truth of my own responses, developing my own ways of seeing and experiencing things.  It's fun.  If you'd like to read my post entitled "Seeing Paintings", it's here.

2.  David is sick.  Molly is sleep deprived.  Molly doesn't have Hiram here to help her with the kids.  So, I did what any self-respecting (step)father would do.  I helped Molly with her frustration and fatigue by joining her late this afternoon by breaking out the vodka, pouring some over ice, squeezing some lime into it, and raising a toast to one another.  Cheers!

3.  I also fried up the ground Italian sausage, minced the garlic, chopped up the red pepper, and took out the sliced mushrooms so that all Molly had to do was spread a pizza crust with pesto and put the ingredients, plus some store bought grated cheese, on the pie and bake it.  Doesn't sound like I did much -- and it was, after all, easy -- but it freed Molly to focus on feeding David and Molly dinner and getting them to bed a little earlier.  Molly, the Deke, and I totally enjoyed the pizza.

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