Thursday, April 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/08/15: Bus to Roosevelt Center, Walk Home, Fried Egg on Broccoli

1.  The Deke has the car in Nyack, so I am dependent on buses and trains to get around the suburbanapolis I live in.  I rode the G12 today down to the library and the Co-op, picked up a couple of things on hold at the library and bought a few groceries at the store.

2.  I walked the bus route back home and got in a good 6000 steps or so and enjoyed the route along Ridge Road I have driven and ridden, but never walked.

3.  I fried a couple of eggs and placed them over brown rice and broccoli, covered with grated sharp cheddar cheese and soy sauce.  It seems like restaurants put a fried egg on top of everything these days, so I thought up this simple dish and gave it a shot.  It worked.

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