Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/27/15: Alicia Helps Me, Angela Helps Me, Mom Flings Her Sling

1.  After I turned the Subaru over to the body shop, I saundered into the Enterprise Car Rental shop located right there at Capitol Cadillac and Alicia had everything ready to go and set me up with a Chrysler 200.  Then, a few hours later, when I had some questions about the electronic door lock system and went back to ask about it, she was patient and informative in assuring me that the way the system was working was the way it was supposed to work and helped me wrap my 2004 auto ownership mind around it.

2.  I had to return to LabCorp today. The blood sample mailed to the lab in Baltimore two weeks ago was rejected because the label didn't have the date or the phlebotomist's intitals on it.  The good news was that I got to visit my favorite phlebotomist again, Angela (Angie).  She listened patiently, without any defensiveness, to why we had to send another specimen in and I think we got it right this time and I deeply appreciated her commitment to making sure that we did just what the lab in Baltimore wants and her good humor about it all.  I have my fingers crossed that I don't receive another "your specimen has been rejected" letter from Baltimore.

3.  MOM UPDATE:  I stayed up until 10:30 p.m. so I could call Mom after Jeopardy got over.  She saw her doctor today and he liked what he saw in the X-ray picture and freed her from her sling and told her she could do light duties around the house.  Mom has decided that she doesn't need anyone staying with her all night, As Mom put it, "I'm on the road to recovery!"

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