Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/20/15: It Works!, I'm Old, Pip Meets the Pockets

1.  The DVD/CD drives in my computer and the Deke's are wearing out, so I bought an external drive today at Best Buy.  I bought one of these back in about 2011 and I'm thinking it must have been a cheapo or something.  It never worked.  I was happy today.  I plugged the drive into both my machine and the Deke's and it worked.  This will help my movie viewing habit a lot.

2.  After school, the Deke and I went to the Greenbelt Fitness Center where I've already signed up for a year and now the Deke is signed up as well; then we went to the library and the Deke has a library card now.  Several of her students were at the library and one of them said I looked old and I decided to let these girls believe that I am older than the Deke -- you know, if that's what they want to think.

3.  Yesterday I wrote a Sibling Assignment about how I don't read as much as I'd like and after a long session with a tech guy from Amazon -- he was very patient (and so was I) -- , I continued reading Dickens' Great Expectation.  You know how I marveled at Gregg Toland's cinemaphotography in Citizen Kane?  I have a similar response reading Dickens' descriptions of London of the 19th century and of his character descriptions.  In the part I read last night, Pip met the sizable Pocket family, the worn out father, the eccentric and almost indifferent mother, the two nurses, and the unnamed children, popping up all over the place.  Pip will be staying with the Pockets for a while and I have no idea what his stay will involve, but I have a pretty clear picture of the what this unusual family looks like from Pip's point of view.  

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