Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/26/15: Jack Schools Bop on Rescue Bots, Jack Rigs Hooks and Pulleys, Jack Trumps the Monster

Before I get going on today's 3BTs, I'd just like to note that my grandson Jack's name for me is Bop. When he first started to talk, when he tried to say "Grandpa", it came out Bop and Bop stuck.

1.  Jack loves Rescue Bots and has a toy Heat Wave.  I had no idea what a Rescue Bot is, so Jack and I got on my computer and he schooled me on the fine points of Rescue Bots.  I then found an episode of Trainsformers in which Thomas the Train transforms into a superhero like Optimus Prime, only he is Opthomas Prime.  Jack became unglued with peals of rolling laughter when he saw Thomas become a Rescue Bot.

2.  I went on the back deck with Jack and he took his ingenuity with rope, clip hooks, and pulleys to new levels, especially when he rigged up a pulley system on a hook that comes down from the interior of the roof above the deck and he figured out way after way after way to clip the rope to all kinds of objects and pull them as high as the deck's ceiling and let them down again.  Every time Jack tried hooking something new or ran the rope in a different way or figure out something else to lower to the ground below the deck and back up, he enthusiastically, sometimes breathlessly, proclaimed, "I have an idea!"

3.  Jack hooked me to a rope and attached the rope to a hook on the deck and told me to walk forward. I did and then I couldn't go any further and I snapped my whole body back in an exaggerated way. I've never seen Jack laugh so hard.  After doing this for about ten minutes, Jack enthused, "I have an idea!" and he created a series of rope and toy obstacles for me and told me to be a monster who tries to come after him and eat him.  I asked Jack if he was sure he wanted to be eaten and he replied, "Bop. It's pretend."  Relieved, I played the role of the monster, but I never could catch Jack and my failures made Jack, once again, double over with laughter.

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