Friday, April 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/16/15: Brown Rice and Quinoa Salad, I'd Better Wake Up, Fun with *The Lincoln Lawyer*

1.  I had a couple of cups or so of cooked brown rice left over from last night and decided I'd make a salad with it and so I stopped off at the Co-op for a couple cucumbers, some cherry tomatoes, a tin of almonds, and a bunch of fresh mint and dropped into Safeway for a jar of Kalamata olives.  Once home, I realized I didn't really have enough rice.  Suddenly, I thought, hmmm, quinoa might be fun, so I cooked up a few cups, combined it with the rice I had and mixed in the cucumbers, some red pepper, Kalamata olives and some of the juice from the jar, the cherry tomatoes, and a heaping helping of almonds. I poured olive oil into the mix, stirred it around, added a generous amount of lemon juice, and took out the scissors and cut cilantro leaves, mint leaves, and kale leaves into shreds and mixed that in.  I stirred the greens into the salad and topped it with a moderate sprinkle of red pepper flakes.  I hope I never forget how I made this salad and what went into it -- I now have a record of it here in my blog, I guess!  Every bite tasted different from every other, depending on whether the bite had cilantro, mint, or kale and depending on whether some of the heat from the red pepper flakes was present or if a bite was particularly lemony.  This salad provide me and the Deke with a really tasty dinner.

2.  I unpacked the vaccum packed mattresses and unpacked and laundered the sheets and blankets and I took the big boxes to the dumpster.  On hundred percent sober, I returned to the apartment -- or should I say an apartment? -- put my key in the door and it didn't work.  I tried, tried again, stepped back to make sure I was at apartment #2.  I was.  Then the door opened. "Oh my God!  I'm sorry!  I'm in the wrong building!" I cried out.  "I'd better wake up."  Luckily, the guy who opened the door got a kick out of my mistake and told me it was no problem. I shuffled off, embarrassed, and made my way back to the apartment home I actually live in.

3.  I don't know why, back three or so years ago, the movie The Lincoln Lawyer caught my attention. I might have been curious about a story about a guy who basically lawyers out of the back seat of his Lincoln Continental. I never saw it, though. Finally, tonight, I did.  For me, it was a really fun movie, primarily because of the cast, and because the story was convuluted and fun to follow.  But, oh my, the cast. Yes, Matthew McConaughey was perfect as Mick, a slick, swaggering, hard-drinking defense lawyer whose clients are mostly bikers and prostitutes and other downwardly mobile criminals. When, a wealthy young man living the American Dream seeks his services, Mick accepts, the story gets complicated, and gradually a cast of superb character actors appear, sinking their teeth into their supporting roles, really making this movie great fun.  

First, and she's the best, Marisa Tomei. Others appear, with varying amounts of screen time: John Leguizamo, William H. Macy, Frances Fisher, Bryan Cranston, Ryan Phillpe, Michaela Conlin and more. I had a most enjoyable time watching these pros work while getting caught up in the tangle of the movie's plot threads.  Now I'm ready to contine my brief McConaughey film festival and watch Dallas Buyer's Club, which I have checked out from the library, and, before long, I'll watch Mud.

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