Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/12/15: Lazy Day, The Kid Wins the Masters, Carb Loading

1.  The Deke didn't return home until around 5:30, so no car and the G12 I rely on for transportation out of our neighborhood doesn't run on Sundays.  So, regrettably, no church, but a lazy x 100 day in our apartment home.

2.  Some fellow golf fans would say I did go to church by watching the final round of the Master live online.  For many, it is the most hallowed golf course of all.  It was fun to watch the youngster Jordan Spieth make a handful of nervy shots on his way to securing his first major title -- and fun to watch golfers like Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson do their best to make a run at him, but fall short.

3.  The Deke arrived home, a bit weary, but safe and sound and I whipped up a late evening spaghetti dinner to help us carb load for the upcoming week.  Ha!

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