Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/19/15: *Gett*-- An Israeli Movie in Bethesda, Smashing the Subaru, Wendy's for Dinner

1.  I drove over to Bethesda this morning and joined two other audience members to watch the 10:40 showing of an Israeli movie,  Gett:  The Trial of Viviane Amsalem.  The movie was psychologically excruciating.  Viviane Amsalem married her husband when she was fifteen and now, after many years, she's had it with him and wants a divorce and he won't grant it.  Only a court of rabbis can legitimize a divorce -- and only with the husband's consent --  and the movie tells the story of Viviane's Bleak House-like years of trials as she tries to secure the dissolution of her marriage.  I didn't know going into the movie that two of my very favorite Israeli actors from the movie The Band's Visit appear in Gett.  First, Viviane is played by Ronit Elkabetz who was Dina, the restaurant owner in The Band's Visit and, secondly, the Alexandria Ceremonial Band leader, played by Sasson Gabai, plays Viviane's husband's advocate in Gett.  Both Ronit Elkabetz and Sasson Gabai were unforgettable in The Band's Visit and they are equally memorable in Gett while playing very different characters from who they played in The Band's Visit.  Just for the record, The Band's Visit is an uplifting movie, rich in hope and romance and humor; Gett is, as the title suggests, a trial.  It portrays a trial.  It's a trial to watch. I'm very glad I made the trip to the Landmark Bethesda Row theaters to see it.  I have been enjoying movies made in the Middle East for many years.  Gett is a long exposure of one of Israel's patriarchal systems.  For me, it was compelling, frustrating, engaging, and enraging.

2.  I made sure that a body shop in the local area as well as a claim adjuster will continue to have work when I hit a parking garage pillar with the Subaru after the movie.  Fortunately, the car was not disabled and I got right on filing a claim, rather than procrastinating, but I sure felt foolish.

3.  The Deke and I last did this in late October.  We ate Wendy's cheeseburgers and fries for dinner. I shopped at the Co-op and then flew over to the Greenway Center, picked up our dinner, and we enjoyed it a lot.

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