Monday, April 20, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/19/15: Eastertide, Back to IKEA, Jack Frost Puts Hazel Wallace at Risk

1.  These Eastertide services are uplifting with so much emphasis on the way life springs from death, even as the willow tree behind our apartment is turning from brown and lifeless into green and alive.

2.  Silly me.  I thought we were done at IKEA, but it turns out we needed some slats and the Deke and I decided a couple more side tables would be good for our apartment home.  So, I held my head high, strolled into IKEA, and BOOM! I took care of finding the products and getting checked out in no time.  I am getting so good at this IKEA thing, I nearly started asking people around me if they needed some help!

3. I watched another episode of A Touch of Frost.  The series portrays Jack as unorganized, always chafing at the bureaucratic demands of his job, and difficult for his supervisor, Mullet, to, well, supervise.  But, Jack Frost hates crime.  He pursues criminals with intelligence and intuition and bends rules to find out what happened.  In the episode I watched tonight, Jack Frost faced the difficulty of apprehending a serial rapist and the story intensified when he asked Woman Police Constable Hazel Wallace, without official approval,  to serve as a decoy, putting herself in the rapist's path.  I'll leave it at that, but suffice it to say that the episode was very intense and it also uncovered Jack Frost's deep understanding of the crime of rape as he upbraided fellow cops who had lousy attitudes and as he continued to visit one victim in particular so she would have someone to talk with in the long aftermath of being assaulted.

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