Saturday, April 25, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 04/24/15: Making Movies on Location, Back to the Growler and Gill, Anthropods with Jack

1.  Before the Deke and I started our drive to Nyack, I made a quick trip to the gas station and listened to Dire Straits perform "Skateaway", my favorite of all pop songs ever.  The words "But the music make her want to be the story/And the story was whatever was the song what it was" kept echoing in my mind and great joy filled my whole being as I thought back to the two years I taught at Whitworth, over thirty years ago, and how kind Claudia and Colette were to me, as we listened to music together and the music became our story and we were making movies on location and I don't think we knew what it meant, but, for me, in many ways a broken young man whose life was in a tailspin, the movies we made while we talked and laughed and ate food and sometimes danced made me feel much less the lonely one, the only one.  Bridgit and I made movies, too, and I always think of walks we took in downtown Spokane and talks we had in the Westminster Basement and what a comfort these times were and how grateful I am that these times with Bridgit and Colette and Bill and Susan-Louise and Val continue and how grateful I am that I've met Diane and that all of us are still making movies on location and we all love music and it "make [us} want to be the story".  One Dire Straits album.  One song. So much gratitude.

2.  Once in Nyack, the Deke and I went to my favorite watering hole east of the Mississippi, the Growler and Gill and Nanuet.  I'd only been there once before, but I got very excited last time about Festina Peche being on tap and I enthused about it with one of the kindest beer servers ever, and that was back in February, and today when I went to the counter to settle up, the kind beer server remembered me from my other visit there and told me how nice I'd been and this made me very happy.  It also flustered me a bit.  I didn't expect to be remembered, so I forgot to ask her for her name so we could greet each other properly when I return next time -- but I will, or the Deke will.

3.  Jack resists going to sleep, and I didn't totally succeed in helping him settle down for the night, but we did have some fun looking at a book about lobsters and spiders and crabs.

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