Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/30/16: Finishing *The Black Echo*, Molly the Pro, Talking with Mom

1. Before I got gas and picked up a couple of items at Costco, I enjoyed a triple berry scone and a cup of dark roast coffee at Panera, but, even better, I finished Michael Connelly's first Harry Bosch novel, The Black Echo. I found that just as the world beneath the surface of Hollywood is a series of complicated, dark tunnels, so I learned that Harry Bosch is inwardly a dark, complex character, driven by subterranean loyalties and resentments, loneliness, deep intelligence, and a moral code all his own.

2. When I pick up the Deke and Olivia at the train station on Thursday, a car seat needs to be in place for Olivia. An unopened, unassembled car seat sits in our apartment home. I opened it, started to take the pieces out, and said to myself, "Forget it". I texted Molly, champion assembler of all things, and asked her if she'd put it together Thursday morning and put the seat in the car correctly. Without hesitation, she said she'd be glad to.  What a relief.  I'm sure I would have figured it all out, but I honestly just didn't feel like it -- it was kind of like one of those evenings when no one feels like fixing dinner, so it's pizza time. I'd rather fix a month of dinners, though, than assemble anything. My lifelong conflict with the material world continues.  Thank goodness, Molly is a pro.

3. I talked with Mom for about an hour today and, all in all, life in her world sounds pretty good. Her voice sounds strong and her mind is very active and it was good to hear all that is on her mind.  She's certainly in better shape now than a year ago after her fall and the complications she suffered when she broke her arm.

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