Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 04/29/16: Early Birds, Smooth in Detroit, Perfect Evening at BAD Brewing

1.  The Deke and I thought and thought, trying to figure out if we had ever flown anywhere together. Each of us has flown to different destinations alone multiple times since we got married in 1997, but we concluded that the only flight we've made together was to Austin, TX back in May, 1998. But, here's what we know about each other:  we hate the last minute. We hate to rush. We like to get going early. So, this morning, we piled into the Sube and gave ourselves plenty of time to possibly encounter slow traffic on the BW Parkway, to have the bus shuttle be late at long term parking, and to encounter long lines at the Delta counter or at TSA. I brought Unbroken to read.  The Deke brought knitting. We both wanted to eat lunch before our flight -- so if we got to our waiting area pretty early, we were set.

Ahhhhh. Everything went smoothly.  We had plenty of time to eat a sandwich at Quiznos. When we boarded we were relaxed, unhurried, and ready to enjoy our flight to Detroit.

2. Once we landed in Detroit, we had no reason to rush at the airport. We took our time and figured out where to pick up our suitcase at which carousel, figured out where to board the shuttle to Enterprise, were relaxed when we piled into our Kia Soul, and had no anxiety when the traffic was slow between Detroit and East Lansing -- where we found the Hampton Inn with no problem and quickly and easily got checked into our room.

I carried my manila folder of timetables and boarding passes and confirmation sheets with confirmation numbers with me to Delta, Enterprise, and the Hampton Inn and my mind was at ease as we made each transaction.

3. Once settled in our room, the Deke and I bolted in the Soul twenty minutes south to Mason, MI and plopped down at BAD Brewing Company to sample their beers and order food from the food truck out back.  The beers were good, not great, but they didn't need to be great. We were at a perfect spot, a cozy, small town brewery, no flash, nothing fancy, and really friendly. Most of the customers were old codgers like ourselves, so we felt like we fit right in.  We split the best BLT we've ever eaten and split an order of hand cut fries from the food truck and soon the Deke's step-sister, Nella, joined us and her arrival topped off a great evening of new beers, superb food, and lively conversation.

This was the perfect way to launch our weekend in Michigan for the celebration of Phyllis' 90th birthday.

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