Friday, June 2, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/01/17: Remembering Dad, Urgent Pencil Sharpener Run, No Onion

1. Christy and Carol wrote about sitting on the front porch of our family home at 516 W. Cameron and Christy invoked the memory of  how Dad's loved sitting on our porch, drinking 16 oz. cans of Heidelberg beer, sometimes smoking a cigar, spraying the front yard with a hose, waving to people driving by, and talking to those who walked by. It was especially poignant to remember Dad today on the 21st anniversary of the day he died.

2. I went to Costco to fill up the Sube and as I was pulling out, a call came in from the Deke. She sounded desperate. She needed an electric pencil sharpener in her classroom -- and fast. Knowing that a new sharpener would help settle down some of the classroom chaos, I whipped down to Staples as quickly as I could, plucked a heavy duty sharpener off the shelf, bought it, and delivered it to the school, about five minutes from Staples. Later, when I picked up the Deke, she expressed much gratitude that I ran this errand.

3. After enjoying some excellent beer at Old Line, I once again fixed a quick pot of Marcella Hazan's pasta sauce to pour over penne. The Deke asked me to leave out the onion. I did. We both enjoyed the buttery richness of the sauce without the onion and, no doubt, each time I make the sauce, I will ask, "Onion or no onion?".

A quick note: the last two times I've been to Old Line, I've enjoyed very much another Maryland brewed beer. It is brewed in Frederick at Monocacy Brewing Company and it's a called Riot Rye Pale Ale.

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