Friday, June 9, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/08/17: Harriet and the Sube, Oil and Vinegar, Jane Alexander Moves Me Again

1. Our temporary dog guest, Harriet Potter, enjoys riding in the car and so she rode with me when we took the Deke to work, sat patiently for the few minutes it took me to gas up the Sube, and rode down the Beltway with the Deke and me to Maya Angelou French Immersion School in the lower part of the county where the Deke paid a visit to learn more about the district's other French Immersion school. I didn't put Harriet to the test of listening to the James Comey testimony on the radio. Instead, we listened to Chopin and Brahms and Vivaldi and other composers' music on WETA-FM, Washington, D.C.'s classical station. Harriet seemed fine with that.

2. It made me very happy when the Deke told me she'd like the lemon garlic baked tilapia again that I made not too long ago. I had cucumbers, red onion, and grape tomatoes on hand, so I chopped them up, salt and peppered them, and dressed them with olive oil, rice vinegar, and white wine vinegar and added some garlic powder. It was a really good salad and reminded me of the many, many, many times my grandmothers and Mom made similar salads during the summer, often using garden fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and, when available, Walla Walla Sweet Onions.

3. It's like when you come home day after day and put the same album on that you just can't get enough of. Only the Deke and I do this with Fry and Laurie and I've gone through times when, day after day, I put on Stop Making Sense. Well, now our favorite "album" that we put on and listen to repeatedly is the movie All the President's Men and it was, for the millionth time, it seems, thrilling to experience this story build and unfold and to watch its perfect cast at work. Once again, as a conflicted member of the bureaucracy who slowly, haltingly, reluctantly becomes a whistleblower as her pained conscience cannot bear withholding the truth any longer, Jane Alexander, playing the CREEP bookkeeper, moved me. I love watching her act.

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