Thursday, June 15, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/14/17: Checking the Sube, Starting to Pack, 1979 Fall Classic

1. I took the Sube down to the Sunoco station to be serviced and to make sure the tires and brakes and a/c are in all in good shape for the Deke since I'll be gone for at least two and a half months. We've had a heat wave here in Greenbelt, but since I dropped off the car around 7:00 this morning, the walk home was comfortable -- not quite cool, but comfortable.  It turns out the guys at the garage got behind and the Sube didn't get on the rack, so I'll go back in the morning.

2. I leave for Kellogg on Saturday morning. I have been casually doing this and that to get myself packed, but today I got serious and boxed up my blood draw kits to mail to Kellogg and got my laundry done and Thursday I'll start getting my stuff packed.

3. When sports writers look back on the best World Series of all time, they never even mention my favorite Fall Classic: the 1979 Orioles/Pirates brouhaha.  I loved the way the Pirates came back from the brink of elimination, down 3-1 after four games and having to face pitching aces Mike Flanagan, Jim Palmer, and Scott McGregor, and swept games five through seven. Tonight I watched a program looking back at that World Series, here.  The narrator was Vin Scully and the whole video awakened many happy memories from that time in my life.

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