Saturday, June 17, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/16/17: Filing, Anacostia and DC Brau, Preparing for Kellogg

1. The Deke spent the day at Maya Angelou French Immersion, meeting with the staff, preparing for the next school year. Meanwhile, I dove into a project I've been putting of for months and refiled our papers and reduced our number of files and file folders significantly. It all fits a in a milk crate.

2. I drove down to Maya Angelou and picked up the Deke so we could have a beer or two at DC Brau. Traffic was heavy. It took us over thirty-five minutes to travel no more than ten miles. The Waze app routed us through SE Washington, D. C., so I had my first experience driving in the Anacostia neighborhood, also known as Ward 8 or just "East of the River". I've resolved to be more calm about driving in unfamiliar places with intersections I don't always understand and it paid off. I made all the correct turns, only got honked at twice (!), and the Deke arrived at the brewery in fine shape to enjoy On the Wings of Armageddon together, something we won't be able to do again until late in the summer.

3.  Christy, Carol, and I will sit down together in Kellogg on Saturday, possibly at Radio Brewing, to discuss Mom: updates, how to proceed, what the possibilities are, and so on. For me, this will be, for the most part, a mouth shut, ears open session. Through the magic of the internet and Google Docs and texting, we got this conversation started today and already can see that we have a lot to discuss and are guided by devotion to mutuality and goodwill.

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