Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/12/17: Harriet Flies to Portland, New Job, Foyle Cracks Another Case

1. After spending the morning and early afternoon hanging out with Harriet Potter and making sure I had the paperwork all gathered, we drove out to Dulles International Airport where I signed about 15,000 documents and worked with a United employee to get everything just right with Harriet's crate and Harriet in her crate and I said goodbye to her. Hannah texted the Deke reporting that Harriet arrived in Portland, OR.  I look forward to hearing more about how she is doing, reunited with Hannah and with Hannah's two other dogs.

2. The Deke wrestled over the weekend about what to do next school year. She rescinded her resignation too late to return to the school where she's been teaching the last three years and wondered if she just might go ahead and not teach next year. She was, however, offered a fifth grade job at the district's other French Immersion school in the lower part of the county about 30-35 minutes away. This morning I received an email from the the Deke telling me she just couldn't turn that job down. So, next school year the Deke will be teaching at Maya Angelou French Immersion School near Oxon Hill and Temple Hills, not far from National Harbor.

3. Tonight, we took in another episode of Foyle's War. Christopher Foyle, with Sam's help, brilliantly got to the bottom of a gasoline (petrol) pilfering operation and the murder of a woman who was involved in the operation.

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