Monday, June 12, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/11/17: Vet's Letter for Harriet, Watergate on ABC, Foyle is Outraged

1. It looks like things are lined up for Harriet Potter to fly away on Monday, June 12th from Dulles International Airport. Her reservation is confirmed and, today, the Deke secured a letter from the veterinarian certifying that while Harriet is a mixed terrier breed, she is not part pit bull and is of a sweet and safe disposition.

2.  I've probably had enough of Watergate documentaries for a while. Today I found a video that the ABC network made, here.  It's a compilation of ABC's stories as they appeared on the nightly news, starting with news of the break-in and extending to President Richard M. Nixon's resignation. I watched it alone while the Deke was over at the Diazes and then again when she got home. It played like any one of Shakespeare's tragedies, except that the protagonist did not die. But, as a story about downfall filled with self-destruction and self-delusion and as the story's conclusion became more and more inevitable, it filled me with a fear and awe much like Shakespeare's dark plays do. What was I in awe of? The power of truth and truth telling and the destructive power of the darkness and deep insecurities in Richard Nixon's inward self that moved him and those loyal to him to be so multi-dimensionally mendacious.

3. Without knowing I would do so, I continued to examine mendacity by watching "Twelve Ships" the first episode of the second season of Foyle's War. This episode features terrible corruption within the town of Hastings -- bombed houses being looted -- and international corruption as well.  Christopher Foyle must confront an American millionaire whose wealth is built upon stealing, betrayal, and lying. It's a chilling episode and the terrible offenses of the perpetrators move Foyle to use the strongest language I'd ever heard him direct at criminals he has apprehended.

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