Sunday, June 4, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/03/17: Jack is Good, 7 Locks, *The Sting*

1.  Grandson Jack was with his dad in his dad's van when another car rear ended them. Jack was transported to a local medical center and the Deke and I waited anxiously for about ninety minutes for news about his condition. The good news arrived. Adrienne sent the Deke a picture of Jack smiling and a caption that he was good. Later, in the evening, Adrienne and the Deke talked more on the phone and Jack had gone to bed, possibly a little sore, but he was doing all right. What a relief.

2. After the Deke went to a salon to have her hair cut, we drove about twenty-five minutes to Rockville and enjoyed a couple of beers at 7 Locks Brewing.  The room was airy and relaxed. The Nationals' tilt against the A's in Oakland was projected on the wall and I enjoyed watching bits of the action, knowing that Rich Brock, my college roommate and great friend, was in attendance. He was sure the cellar dwelling A's would get walloped, but, no, the A's vanquished the Nationals, winning 10-4.

3. Back home, after we split a Reuben at Old Line, the Deke suddenly said, "Put on The Sting." Gladly! I loved seeing it again for the 300,000th time. Much of the pleasure of watching The Sting is that it features so many superb character actors in fun roles -- I especially enjoyed Eileen Brennan, Ray Walston, Charles Durning, Harold Gould, Dana Elcar, Dimitra Arliss, Charles Dierkop, and, one of the best of all character actors, Robert Shaw.

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