Friday, June 16, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/15/17: Walking Old Greenbelt, Packing Early, Mom Update

1. I dropped off the Sube at the Sunoco station again this morning, talked briefly with the mechanic, and walked back home through some of the co-op housing townhouses on one of the original sidewalks designed by Eleanor Roosevelt and her collaborators when Greenbelt was planned in 1935. These homes are nearly eighty years old, modest, with small yards, in the midst of lush trees and bushes. I can't say why I haven't explored this walkway and others like it in Old Greenbelt -- I always just walked along Crescent Road, the main roadway back to where we live. I'll change that.  By the way, the Sube is in good shape, ready for our upcoming separation.

2. I am nearly done packing for my trip back to Kellogg on Saturday.  One of the small things I can do to maintain some semblance of peace of mind is not wait until the last minute to do get ready for a trip like this, so I've left myself the entire day on Friday to make sure I've got what I want.

3. Mom saw her primary care provider today and the doctor diagnosed her with vascular dementia. Christy and Carol write me updates regularly about Mom and most of them have included Mom having episodes of confusion, disorientation, and lapses in memory. It's not good news by any means, but having a diagnosis will help define more clearly the care for Mom, especially when it comes to diet, hydration, and helping Mom move about, all of which can help slow down the dementia's development. Christy said the diagnosis helped Mom feel better. I think this means that she has a clearer idea of what she's dealing with and she talked with Christy about her diet, about ways she can increase her protein intake.

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