Saturday, June 10, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/09/17: Harriet Guides Me, More Watergate Films, Comfort Food Again

1. Harriet and I went down to Greenbelt Lake. I thought we'd stroll the circumference again, but she wasn't interested. She wanted to sniff around a picnic area just off the lake trail and then she guided me back to the car. Once back to our apartment home, she relaxed on the couch and slept much of the afternoon.

2. After I watched All the President's Men last night, this afternoon and evening I watched three Watergate documentaries. The first was from National Geographic, here; then I watched a documentary Robert Redford produced and narrated to commemorate the 40th anniversary of All the President's Men, here; last, I watched a retrospective of Dick Cavett's many interviews with many of the people involved in Watergate and listened to his and others' reflections looking back. It's here.  These documentaries made me think about how revenge is so closely related to jealousy and resentment and paranoia, all of them, like jealousy, are, as Shakespeare wrote, green-eyed monsters which mock the meat they feed on. Become consumed by and then act on jealousy, resentment, and paranoia by seeking revenge, and self-defeat and self-destruction follow.  It's the tragic pattern. It was Richard Nixon's pattern, too. Such a terrible waste.

3. It was fun having two pieces of fish left over from last night's fish bake. We also had rice left over and I boiled some potatoes to add a little variety to our meal.  Some uncertainties again have sprung up in our life here in Greenbelt. We'll figure it all out soon enough, but having things be somewhat unsettled makes eating comfort food like potatoes and fish and rice all the more pleasing.

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