Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 06/06/17: McEnroe and Borg and More, Harriet Potter, Corgis at Molly's

1. I gave myself some thrills today -- well, I should say I relived some thrills from my younger days, extending back as far as 1975. I jumped on YouTube and watched highlights of Wimbledon and U. S. Open matches between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, and Jimmy Connors and Arthur Ashe. I took myself back to what were, for me, some of the most fun Grand Slam matches ever. I also stumbled upon an HBO documentary about the relationship and friendship between Borg and McEnroe. I ought not to go down this YouTube path too often -- it would be easy to lose whole days to living in the rock star era of tennis.

2. The Deke agreed to help out Hannah, a woman she taught with in Eugene at Charlemagne. Hannah has been living and teaching in India -- where, by the way, she taught at an international school with the woman whose place the Deke took here in Greenbelt and who has just returned to the USA.

Hannah is leaving India. But, she had taken in a stray dog in India -- namely, Harriet Potter. So, Harriet flew from India to Baltimore (or Washington, D. C.), got picked up by the teacher whose place the Deke took, and who has returned to Maryland, and we picked Harriet up, and brought her to our apartment home. We are having her checked at the vet and then we will crate her and take her to the Baltimore airport to be flown to Oregon where she will live with one of Hannah's family members. If I told the whole story about Hannah, India, Istanbul, Harriet, other dogs in India, Oregon, the teacher who left Greenbelt, but has returned to the area, and the rest of this complicated situation, it would take about ten pages.

Suffice it to say, we picked up Harriet in Cheverly last night and brought her to our apartment home. She is a quiet, sweet, and calm dog, a mixed breed for sure. She is understandably confused about where she is -- she had been in India just 24 hours earlier -- but she and I took a couple of late evening walks and she seemed to feel much more relaxed inside if I kept her close to me on her leash. Therefore, I slept on the couch last night with Harriet nearby sleeping on the floor, her leash hooked on my arm.

That worked fine.

3.  Because Harriet is staying with us until she flies to Oregon, Molly agreed to take in Maggie and Charly until Harriet leaves. We delivered the dogs, ate some delicious kale and sausage soup and biscuits, and had a good visit with Molly and the children. Hiram is away on a euphonium gig in Kentucky, so Molly has her hands full with her children and our dogs. Luckily, the dogs feel at home at the Diaz house and don't have nearly the reasons to scream bark there as they do in our apartment home where, in the building, there is much more coming and going and are many more reasons for the diligent, always on the alert, corgis to frequently raise the alarm.

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