Thursday, January 4, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/03/18: Road Trip to Lewiston, Genesee Tour, Grayson is Back!

1. Ed swung by the house at 7:15 and we drove to the Conoco station at Rose Lake Junction to meet up with Jake. Jake then drove us to CdA where Ed dashed into LabCorp for a blood draw. We helped Ed break his fast at Starbucks and then we picked up Byrdman and returned to the Albertson's parking lot where we met up with Stu and Lars.

Do you sense it coming? ROAD TRIP!

Stu had organized the six of us to pile in Jake's and Stu's rigs and head south to Lewiston, Idaho so we could inhale the perfumed air of the pulp mill and meet our friend since we were little kids, Don Knott, for a burger at Effie's Tavern.

It was a reunion of most the HOFGG (Hall of Fame of Great Guys), the bunch of us who used to get together around Don Knott's outdoor fireplace on his patio when he lived in Kellogg on West Cameron at the house known as Penny Lane.

But, two years ago, Don sold Penny Lane and moved to Lewiston.

Up here in the Silver Valley, we miss Don, so we caravaned down to Effie's, met Don, got in some good yakkin' and ordered up various versions of Effie's famous burgers: eight inches in diameter with a pound of meat. (I ordered a half a burger and that was plenty for me.)

Scroll to the end of this post and you can see pictures of our visit to Effie's.

2. It was a blast to all be together again, telling stories, getting caught up on what's been happening, and having some good laughs. Effie's was the perfect joint to hang out together. It has a little back room with a pool table and we sat on stools around a table back there and had that part of Effie's all to ourselves.

Ed, Jake, and I piled back into Jake's pickup and he drove us to his Mom and Dad's hometown, Genesee, Idaho, a farming town just off Highway 95. Jake took us on a tour, showing us houses and properties where different family members lived and told us stories about when he came to Genesee in the summers to work on his grandpa's farm, go swimming, and enjoy his relatives.

As we left Genesee, Jake pulled into a gravel road leading to one of his favorite spots, Genesee Meats and Smoked Sausages, where Marlyn Callahan sells his famous handmade smoked Genesee Sausages out of a spare and spartan retail space. Marlyn was almost out of sausages thanks to the holiday season, but he managed to rustle up five pounds of his prized product for Jake, making Jake very happy.

3. Back in Kellogg, the Deke and I went over to Christy and Everett's at about 6:45 for a nightcap. It was a sad day. Their cat Grayson had been missing for several days and another cat, Grayson's sister, Junebug, has been very sick. I returned home after a while to clean up the kitchen and let Maggie and Charly out.

Soon after I went to bed, Christy texted the Deke, Carol, and me: Grayson had returned! He was very hungry, but seemed to be doing pretty well otherwise. Later, Christy reported on Facebook that Junebug seemed to be better and she had the good fortune and pleasure of having both cats celebrate their reunion with one another and with Christy by sitting on her lap.

Here are pictures from our trip to Lewiston, including one of Don and me re-enacting a picture from the Kellogg High School annual our junior year of the two of us Blummin' It.

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