Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 01/15/18: Coffee at the Bean, Better Sleep Ahead, Deep Beef Soup and Deep Podcasts

1.  I was getting some writing done when my phone rang and it was Ed. He was up in Osburn getting some payroll business done and wondered if I'd like to grab some coffee at The Bean. I sure did. So, we met, enjoyed our coffee drinks, and worked hard to solve the world's problems and came up a little short.

2. The Deke and I hustled out to the Wellness Center around noon and worked out for over an hour. I was especially eager to exercise. It had been six days since we'd been to the gym. The last two nights my sleep has been uneven, restless, and I knew exercise would help me sleep better. I had a good hour. I increased the intensity of my cardio session on the recumbent bike and focused on machines that worked out my legs and abdomen.

3. Last Friday, I started cooking a new batch of beef broth in the slow cooker and it's been bubbling away for the last few days. The Deke decided to make a vegetable beef soup and it was ready to eat late this afternoon. The depth of the beef broth combined with the mild sweetness of the carrots and corn and baby potatoes staggered me. We have plenty of this soup stored and I can hardly wait to dive  back into it again. Soon, I'll get another batch of broth going, this time with chicken. 

After dinner, we relaxed in our living room. The Deke knitted. I worked on a home photo gallery project. We listened to four episodes of Malcolm Gladwell's podcast, Revisionist History, episodes which covered topics as wide-ranging as huge tax breaks for L. A. County private golf courses to a deeper look at the 1954 Brown v Board of Education of Topeka case to a surprising examination of Bill Hudson's iconic 1963 photograph of a policeman, a German Shepherd, and a black teenager
and the statue, "The Foot Soldier", inspired by the picture.  If you go here, you can click on either season of the show, scroll down, and see a list of Revisionist History episodes and click on anything you might want to listen to. Everything the Deke and listened to this evening came from Season 2.

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