Monday, January 1, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 12/31/17: *The Beethoven 9 @ 9*, Family Prime Rib Dinner, The Inland Lounge and the Elks Club

1. We didn't get through all nine episodes, but the Deke and I listened to the first five episodes of the podcast The Beethoven 9 @ 9.  It was a monthly series done in 2015 on Colorado Public Radio and features a short discussion of each of Beethoven's nine symphonies. Beethoven biographer Jan Swafford provides his expertise, primarily in response to questions presented by host Monika Vischer about Beethoven's life, musical genius, personal struggles, and the political realities of his lifetime. You can see the list of podcast episodes and click on any you want to listen to right here.

2. The Deke and I joined Christy and Everett over at Carol and Paul's for a prime rib New Year's Eve dinner. To start, I served as bartender and made each of us a Dark and Stormy: dark rum, ginger beer, and a few shakes of bitters over ice with a lime garnish. For dinner, Carol roasted the prime rib perfectly and Paul carved it perfectly. Christy fixed a family favorite potato dish known as Derek's Potatoes, named after our cousin. Christy's work on this dish was unique enough that we decided it could be called Christy's Potatoes! The Deke fixed a green bean dish and Carol made Yorkshire pudding. We topped off our dinner with helpings of tasty pistachio gelato.

3. Before dinner, I headed up to the Inland Lounge to see how Cas was doing. He had a heart attack over the course of Christmas Eve night leading into the wee hours of Christmas Day. Christmas morning, in CdA, he had a couple of stints put in to open the blocked aorta. He returned home on Wednesday and was back running the Inland Lounge on Friday night.

So, the Prime Rib buffet planned for Christmas Day at the Lounge was cancelled, but it was put on today and a good crowd turned up to enjoy the food and to marvel at Cas being back in action after having been in ICU just a few days ago.

I talked with Cas and later Goose came in. His grocery store in St. Regis ran out of milk, so he drove to the Smelterville WalMart to stock up and dropped in for a couple of beers and we did some excellent yakking. When Goose left, I joined Abbie and Kate at their table and enjoyed some more first-rate yakking and then picked up the Deke at Radio Brewing where she knitted this afternoon.

After dinner, the Deke and I joined the revelers at the Kellogg Elks Club. We enjoyed the music of Jake and Carol Lee and Al's band, Remember When, did a lot of yakking with a bunch of different people and the Deke and I danced for the first time in our 20 years of marriage. Ha!

The tradition at the Elks is to ring in the new year at 9:00 at the same time it's being rung in at Times Square in NYC.

After we celebrated the arrival of 2018 at the Elks, the Deke and I slipped and slid across the street to do it again at midnight at The Inland Lounge. We saw a whole lot of people, many of whom also migrated over from the Elks Club and we had a blast talking, laughing, story-telling, and enjoying friends, longtime ones as well as new ones.

The Deke and I have never had so much fun on New Year's Eve. It was an awesome afternoon, evening, and night with family and friends.

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